Social crypto trading on Telegram 🚀


Stop messing around with isolated buy/sell orders and trade positions on spot markets. Go long, or open a synthetic short. Add or decrease with your preset buttons. Scale in/out whenever you want. Kornwolf will handle all orders for you.

Stops & Auto-Trail

Still manually managing your stop losses? Stop rekt, stop calculating and automate your stops to protect your position. Use Auto-Trail to lock-in your profits on the way up.

Profit Targets

Target sir? Set your price targets and Kornwolf will automatically close (or decrease) your position when a certain price or % gain is achieved.

Copy Trading

Follow friends and influencers to automatically ape into their trades. Add Kornwolf to your Telegram group, so members can see your stats and easily follow you. You'll receive a cut of their profit tax.


Some users are robots and they don't bite. Follow them to benefit from algorithmic calls and signals — even when everyone else is sleeping.


Boundless confidence in a position? Activate HODL to disable all targets and stops. Ride it to the moon and stay informed while you're at it.

Multiple Exchanges

There's a dedicated korenwolf for every exchange. Use the same tools, abstractions and interface everywhere and anytime, via Telegram. Mobile device, desktop and browser.

Market Browser

Browse all pairings of all coins. Quickly discover what's pumping or dumping. Learn more, read headlines and open positions with a single tap.


Tune in to KNN, your trusted (and only) news station in Kornwolf Galaxy. We instantly notify you whenever your exchange adds something new. Never miss the listing pump.


Every Kornwolf hosts a community group for all questions and activity related to the exchange. You're welcome.


Compete, break records and climb a variety of leaderboards together with your friends. Gifts and goodies apply.


Share the love with your friends, grow the community and unlock extra features. You'll be credited a percentage of their profit tax.


Get gud or get rekt by playing with 5 BTC, free of charge. Impress your cat, cousin or yourself with your fake portfolio. Only connect your exchange account when you're ready.

No corn, no pay

No subscriptions to bleed you dry. Kornwolf only charges commission over your profits.

Credit (₭) is needed to open new positions, and you start with free credit to help you make your first $100 in profit.

Need more? Invite a friend, or top up your credit via


Kornwolf connects to your exchange account and manages your orders with an API key without withdrawal permissions. It's impossible for us to withdraw your funds.


Enjoy new features, fewer limitations and a lower profit tax rate. You will automatically unlock a higher rank when you connect with friends or raise in the rankings.

Power Commands

Specific wishes? Get total control with quick commands like /long KMD $250, /short DGB 100%, /follow @ValerieRodent, /inspect WAVES and /trail BTC 3.5% 50%.

Custom Triggers

Build your own Triggers by combining Conditions with Effects. Effects can adjust positions and create new Triggers. Full power.